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[559] First day of winter

Finally, there is a new post after my November break. It is the first day of winter and I feel very calm and happy) and also I have a big Ferrero Rocher chocolate candy! Yaaaaay! :)


[556] Cactus flowers (photo-spam)

Cacti are so secretive. The flowers began to open late at night. I didn’t want to miss that moment, so I forgot about sleep and took the camera.

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[551] Finland. Forest.

Look, what I’ve found: more pictures of Finnish forest. According to the Instagram photo map, this area is called Niemenapaja. What can I say? I’m in love)

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[550] Latvia. The last day.

On our last day in Latvia we watched volleyball competition, spent time on the beach, made several photos of Riga…


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[549] Latvia. Day 4.

Another amazing day in Jurmala. I like this town. It reminds me a tiny, romantic lady who likes reading poetry on a bench in park. I almost could see her silhouette on streets. Ok, may be, that sounds weird…)

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[548] Latvia. Day 3.

Today I will show you Dzintari forest park. Unfortunately we don’t have such green and big parks in Cyprus, so it was another little miracle for me (especially mushrooms:)).


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[547] Latvia. Day 2.

Nice to meet you, Riga!)

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[546] Latvia. Day 1.

It sounds like some kind of magic, but our last day in Finland was at the same time a first day in Latvia!:) Yeah!

We came to Latvia to visit Alex’s mom, so the three of us went to Jurmala directly from the airport.
In the evening we went to the Okean Elzy concert. (For those who don’t know it is a famous Ukrainian music band). I hope my mother in law enjoyed the music because she didn’t hear them before. There were a lot of people who came to the concert. Many of them brought yellow-blue flags. The performance was perfect. I even cried once or twice (I am too sensitive). The vocalist – Svyatoslav Vakarchuk sang really good and was very kind with the spectators. Musicians were also at their best. I enjoyed every moment. In the end we were dancing under the night sky:) Super cool!

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[545] Alco-post:)

I felt like a real alcoholic when I was wandering around the shelves with binge in supermarket and taking pictures of the different bottles and cans:) Why not? There are so much interesting beers and ciders in Finland which we dont have in Cyprus. I’ve never tried watermelon or mango cider before and I have never seen the “Kiss” beer or “Fake Lager”.

We are the masters of selfie!

[543] Finland. Day 4.

It was a little sad for me to say goodbye to the beautiful and cold Finland, on the other hand I’m incredibly happy that we visited it. Hopefully it is not our last meeting. I tried to memorise as much details as possible.
In the Helsinki airport we found a inscription “Think blue”. Needless to say that I decided that that’s about me!:) May be we looked weird while taking pictures in front of the airport cafe, but who cares?)

Alex looks cool. As always) Finn looks a bit crazy. As normally) And an airport bear. There’s nothing strange.