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[566] Support Mariupol.

Yesterday Ukrainian community of Cyprus organized meeting to honor the memory of those killed and injured as a result of Russian invasion and Saturday’s attack.

On Saturday (24th of January) Ukrainian city – Mariupol was attacked by rockets from territories occupied by terrorists and Russian military forces. Rocket fire slammed into a market, schools, homes and shops. 27 people were killed, 97 – injured…
Wishing fast recovery for the wounded.

Eternal memory to the victims.
Glory to all the heroes, who fight for their country.

Disgrace to those who came to foreign land to kill civilians! I hope they will pay for all the evil done.

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[546] Latvia. Day 1.

It sounds like some kind of magic, but our last day in Finland was at the same time a first day in Latvia!:) Yeah!

We came to Latvia to visit Alex’s mom, so the three of us went to Jurmala directly from the airport.
In the evening we went to the Okean Elzy concert. (For those who don’t know it is a famous Ukrainian music band). I hope my mother in law enjoyed the music because she didn’t hear them before. There were a lot of people who came to the concert. Many of them brought yellow-blue flags. The performance was perfect. I even cried once or twice (I am too sensitive). The vocalist – Svyatoslav Vakarchuk sang really good and was very kind with the spectators. Musicians were also at their best. I enjoyed every moment. In the end we were dancing under the night sky:) Super cool!

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[530] Elections!

Today is the day of Presidential elections in Ukraine. My father and I came to Nicosia to the Embassy of Ukraine for voting. The day before I’ve read a lot of information about the candidates in order to make a final decision. However, I will not write any names here.

There were a lot of people near the Embassy. Many of them had Ukrainian flags, t-shirts with national symbolics etc. Activists distributed blue and yellow ribbons, so I took one:)

No matter who will become the President, I hope for the best for our country.



[524] Preparing for the elections

Today we went with my father to the Ukrainian embassy. We need to be registered at the consulate in order to be able to vote on the president’s elections this month. I have never been voting before because it seemed meaningless to me. Now everything has changed. And it is so exciting! However I haven’t decided for whom to cast a vote… It should be someone decent, powerful and patriotic. Hmmm, hopefully there will be such a candidate.

We have also seen flowers near the embassy. People mourn for the Ukrainian patriots killed in Odessa… Glory to the heroes!

I hope that all those traitors and terrorists who kill our people will be severely punished.

The building behind me is our embassy. (Unfortunately, the flag is barely visible)