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Blooming almond trees (big photo spam)

What else could I post on the first day of spring? Yes, I could post anything:) however I decided to share with you some photos of blooming almond trees.

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[565] Kourion beach

It might be a good idea, to go by the sea and relax, when you are in terrible mood. That’s what we did on Sunday. Fresh wind and the sound of waves can blow out of mind any negative thoughts. Kourion beach is a perfect place for that. Our favorite taverna was closed for renovation, so we stayed in the other one. The Sunshine restaurant turned out also a quite nice place. Moreover I managed to take few pictures of the Kourion beach from slightly different foreshortening.


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[554] Limassol Marina (huge photo-spam)

Finally we visited the newly opened Limassol Marina. Now it is a very popular place to spend time. We walked around, watched boats and had a dinner in one of the restaurants. I hope that we will visit it again when there will be less people and I will be able to take better photos.


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[533] Metal Summer 2014 \m/\m/

Few months ago I found a nice website: cy-metal.com. You can find there information about the Cypriot metal bands, upcoming events, music reviews, online radio and many more.

By the way, this summer is going to be interesting… And heavy!
1. Sepultura 
When: 29th of June at 20:30
Where: DownTown Live (Nicosia)
Tickets: 25 (30 at door)

2. Metal Night Live
Mortem Atra
+ 1 more (to be anounced)
When: 11th of July at 20:00
: TeePee bar (Limassol)


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[532] 31/05/2014 Kakopetria

Today I will show some photos from our trip to Kakopetria. It is the one of my favorite villages in Cyprus. It looks so magic and quiet!

It is a kind of tradition to make a photo of the river. I cannot resist, it is so beautiful!

Old street and curious cat)

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[531] Summer rain. Sky.

This summer should be unusual! It has started from the rain) Summer rain is very extraordinary situation for Cyprus. Usually, it is already hot in the end of May, however today I had to wear jacket, because the wind was really cold. Weather forecasts says that there will be another rainy day in the end of this week. Wow! It is amazing)

There are some pictures of today’s sky: