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Our vacation has officially started! We are in Vienna airport now, waiting for our flight to Helsinki. I cannot believe that I will finally see Finland!)


[535] Have your ever seen a cat’s navel?

Smokey Joe was sleeping (in one of his favorite poses) and had no idea about the questions which swirled in my head.

Where is a cat’s navel?
What does it look like?
Why I haven’t seen it before? (Is it because I’m really unobservant or there is any secret?)

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[534] Sleeping cutie)

This post will be about relaxing) Cats are unrivaled specialists in this area. Our cat is not an exception.
When Smokey sleeps like this, I want to believe that he feels absolutely happy and comfortable.

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[529] Evening shower

“Hey, mom, I’m ready for the evening shower! However, can we do this without water?”



Yesterday I found Smokey sitting is the corner of the bath. He looked so cute and serious:) Ok, he is always cute)