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[552] Finland. Observation wheel.

I already wrote about it in the “Finland. Day 2.“. Now it is time for some more pictures from our camera.

Probably, this is the one of my favorite photos:


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[551] Finland. Forest.

Look, what I’ve found: more pictures of Finnish forest. According to the Instagram photo map, this area is called Niemenapaja. What can I say? I’m in love)

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[545] Alco-post:)

I felt like a real alcoholic when I was wandering around the shelves with binge in supermarket and taking pictures of the different bottles and cans:) Why not? There are so much interesting beers and ciders in Finland which we dont have in Cyprus. I’ve never tried watermelon or mango cider before and I have never seen the “Kiss” beer or “Fake Lager”.

We are the masters of selfie!

[544] From the airplane

There are some pictures of Finland made from the sky. Yeah, I was really enjoying it)

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[543] Finland. Day 4.

It was a little sad for me to say goodbye to the beautiful and cold Finland, on the other hand I’m incredibly happy that we visited it. Hopefully it is not our last meeting. I tried to memorise as much details as possible.
In the Helsinki airport we found a inscription “Think blue”. Needless to say that I decided that that’s about me!:) May be we looked weird while taking pictures in front of the airport cafe, but who cares?)

Alex looks cool. As always) Finn looks a bit crazy. As normally) And an airport bear. There’s nothing strange.


[542] Finland. Day 3

Finally after some delay I continue writing about our adventures. On the third day we went to barbecue with our friends. Finnish nature is amazing! I was happy that we didn’t bring any music player or guitar to the picnic place because it would totally destroy the surrounding magic. Several times I almost believed a hobbit or another fantasy creature might be hiding behind the trees. Actually, why not? If I were a fairy I would definitely live in the forests of Finland!:)



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[540] Finland. Day 2.

On our second day in Helsinki we decided to watch the city. First we took a tram. A good thing about it is that route 2 and 3 are cycled, so you can take a tram and after some time it will bring you back to the place where you started. ( Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos)

Our next adventure was to go to the observation wheel in order to see the city from the height. The view was amazing and this time we took some pictures


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[537] First meeting with Finland

Somewhere in the sky between Austria and Finland.


And finally it is Helsinki! This is how I saw it for the first time)