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Down to the sea

Today I start posting about our trip to Antibes.
On our first day’s morning, when Alex went to work, I planned to go to the Eilenroc villa. I have read in the internet that it is a nice place especially for those who like old houses. However it was an early morning so I doubted the villa is open for visitors. Therefore I decided to go and look around to start with. I chose to walk to the South-Western coast and below are the photos of what I’ve seen there.

Сьогодні я почну розповідати про нашу поїздку до Антіб.
Вранці першого дня, коли Олександр пішов на роботу, я планувала піти до вілли Eilenroc. В Інтернеті я читала, що це гарне місце, особливо для тих, хто любить старі будинки (а я саме одна з таких людей)). Але було ще рано та я сумнівалася, що вілла буде відкрита для відвідувачів… Тож я вирішила спочатку пройтися та подивитися навколо. Мене цікавило південно-західне узбережжя, воно і стало моїм пунктом призначення.  А що там очікувало на мене – дивіться на фото)

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Closer to the sky

Here are some pictures from our flight to France:

Деякі фотографії з нашого польоту до Франціі. З борту літака)

Looks like a crazy quilt:)
Схоже на клаптеву ковдру:)

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[565] Kourion beach

It might be a good idea, to go by the sea and relax, when you are in terrible mood. That’s what we did on Sunday. Fresh wind and the sound of waves can blow out of mind any negative thoughts. Kourion beach is a perfect place for that. Our favorite taverna was closed for renovation, so we stayed in the other one. The Sunshine restaurant turned out also a quite nice place. Moreover I managed to take few pictures of the Kourion beach from slightly different foreshortening.


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[554] Limassol Marina (huge photo-spam)

Finally we visited the newly opened Limassol Marina. Now it is a very popular place to spend time. We walked around, watched boats and had a dinner in one of the restaurants. I hope that we will visit it again when there will be less people and I will be able to take better photos.


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[552] Finland. Observation wheel.

I already wrote about it in the “Finland. Day 2.“. Now it is time for some more pictures from our camera.

Probably, this is the one of my favorite photos:


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[551] Finland. Forest.

Look, what I’ve found: more pictures of Finnish forest. According to the Instagram photo map, this area is called Niemenapaja. What can I say? I’m in love)

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[550] Latvia. The last day.

On our last day in Latvia we watched volleyball competition, spent time on the beach, made several photos of Riga…


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[549] Latvia. Day 4.

Another amazing day in Jurmala. I like this town. It reminds me a tiny, romantic lady who likes reading poetry on a bench in park. I almost could see her silhouette on streets. Ok, may be, that sounds weird…)

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[548] Latvia. Day 3.

Today I will show you Dzintari forest park. Unfortunately we don’t have such green and big parks in Cyprus, so it was another little miracle for me (especially mushrooms:)).


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[547] Latvia. Day 2.

Nice to meet you, Riga!)

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