[547] Latvia. Day 2.

Nice to meet you, Riga!)

Have you ever listened to the live organ music? As for me I am big fan. It is an amazing feeling when you sit in old cathedral or church and the walls reflect sounds so that the music becomes almost tangible. It surrounds you and carries away from the everyday thoughts and worries.
On our second day on Latvia I managed to listen organ music in the Riga Cathedral. Roberts Hansons was playing Bach and variations on Bach’s themes.


There are some facts about Riga Cathedral:
– It is the largest sacred complex in the Baltics
– Before the great fire in 1547, the tower was the highest in Riga (140 meters)
– You have to climb 274 steps to reach the bell tower
– The height of the vaults of central nave is 26 meters.
– The organ in Riga Cathedral consists of 6718 pipes, the shortest of which are is 13 millimeters and the longest – 10 meters.