[535] Have your ever seen a cat’s navel?

Smokey Joe was sleeping (in one of his favorite poses) and had no idea about the questions which swirled in my head.

Where is a cat’s navel?
What does it look like?
Why I haven’t seen it before? (Is it because I’m really unobservant or there is any secret?)

So I decided to take the opportunity and check Smokey’s fluffy tummy:)

The cat woke up and stared at me trying to understand what’s going on. Looks like he wasn’t excited by the idea to find his navel. May be because Smokey sees it every day and knows everything about it)

In the end I got what I deserved)

However I managed to find the navel! It looks like a little scar not covered with fur, not similar to human belly button.
Yuhoo! I’ve seen it!


And bonus! He is yawning, not what you might think:)