[527] F1 (not a button))

For many years my dream was to find someone who is interested in Formula 1 as much as I am. Almost one year ago we have watched one of the Grand Prix together with my husband and he liked it! What’s more we are the fans of the same pilot. I’m so happy! Yuhoo) Oh, how I love my husband:) It is always great to have similar interests with the spouse.

Few days ago Alex came up with cool idea to watch old F1 races. We decided to start from the season 1985. History was never interesting for me, however the possibility to trace how my favorite type of car-racing has changed during almost 30 years seemed entertaining. Unfortunately, some of these changes were not for the better.

In 80’s Formula-1 was more passionate and unpredictable. There were exciting duels and risky overtaking, regulations were not so strict and cars were more diverse. F1 was noticeably dangerous. Of course it is good that new rules make the racing safer, however the process of piloting became more “robotic”. Everything depends on computers, which decrease the human factor. It seems that in 2035 we will see F1 cars with autopilots instead of drivers and teams:):(

I wonder, what had those pilots done if (by some magic) in 1985 they would have seen the 2014 race?