[525] Finn and social networks

Few weeks has passed since I decided to limit the use of the social network – vkontakte. I have registered there in 2008 and until this year it was one of my favorite and mostly visited sites. Unfortunately now it reminds me some kind of a freak show. May be I became older or people have changed. Anyway it began sicken and I quit. As it turned out, the idea was really good. I didn’t even realize how much time I have spent for pointless browsing numerous news and photos. There were hours which could be devoted to something more interesting and useful. No more active social networking!
My favorites now are Instagram and Twitter. When there is any interesting idea in my mind I can write a tweet or send a picture to Instagram. It doesn’t swallow me up for hours.
Regarding my vkontakte page, once in couple of days I log in there to send a birthday card and answer messages. No more time to lose) There are so much things I want to learn and to do.

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