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[467] New surprises from PrimeTel)

As I wrote in one of the previous posts, I want to change my mobile number which I owe for 10 years (it is Cyta’s SoEasy). The reason is that last two months there where many cases when people called me by mistake and asked for somеone I don’t know. Sure, mistakes can occur but when they repeat quite often it becomes annoying:(

As my husband is using PrimeTel and is satisfied with its quality, I was also curious to try it. Our problems started when we came to the PrimeTel customer support and tried to make pay monthly account. Full story is in Alex’s blog. I decided that creating PrimeTel account is too expensive and difficult for me because I don’t need much money on calls or sms, the only thing that I want is good 3G. Now I’m buying it from CYTA and I’m not very happy with its quality.

After Alex’s post PrimeTel subscriber relations contacted him and resolved all the issues. There is a post about it.   Also we received a letter and complementary sim card (pay as you go) from them. I was really impressed with it and decided to switch to PrimeTel. However the sim card was normal size and my mobile phone needs mini-sim. It didn’t look like a big problem to me. Today we finally came to the service center to change the sim… It costs 10 euro to change from normal sim to mini! I was really disappointed. CYTA did this to me absolutely free! I don’t understand why they need additional money for making the sim card small! The cost of plastic? The cost of work needed? The sim pack with 6 euro bonus on it costs 7.50 (just to compare).

May be if we hadn’t the previous problems with this company, I could think about the extra costs. However assuming all my previous experience with PrimeTel I decided not to switch to it. I was using CYTA for 10 years and they’ve never charged me more than was announced. Using PrimeTel you should be ready to pay for your service, than pay some unexpected money for the service for your service. Why don’t you write all of these cost in your nice brochures, packages and advertisements? Otherwise, I think that this is a kind of lying to a customer.

Anyways, thanks PrimeTel for the complimentary sim pack. It was a pleasure to receive it.

And my absolutely free advise: how to make a mini sim from the normal one (I could use it, but I decided to stay with CYTA):

(Далее русская версия поста)

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